Sisyphus Rising

They tell you about the physical effects of prolonged weightlessness in Human Resources – bone loss, muscle atrophy, nearsightedness – but the reality is that you’re slowly pissing and shitting out your bones over an eight month rotation. The exercise equipment that the Company has on board the tugs is supposed to mitigate muscle atrophy, but who has time for that? The liners and government boats all have spinning fuselages so you can mostly not fall to pieces, but the Sisyphus is nearing 60 years old and rotating crews every 8 months is cheaper than making the ship go around every minute and eight seconds. 

What you end up with of course, is a bespectacled 14 man crew, weak as kittens and brittle as old ladies. We move asteroids out of the belt – we’re for real planet haulers – and four healthy 9 year olds could take over the whole ship. 

I only mention this to add a little perspective…


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